Easy integration between Snap and your next PureScript project? Yes please.

This snaplet makes integrating your PureScript project a breeze. Add it to your Snap server, and get started in minutes. If you don't have a project yet that's fine, snaplet-purescript will create one for you via Pulp.

Shows compilation errors in the JS console

Edit your PureScript files, reload the page and let purescript-snaplet recompile them for you. No need to stop the server.

Plays nicely with purescript-psa

You can pass custom options to purescript-psa directly from your Snaplet's configuration.

Supports multiple versions of Pulp and PureScript

You can install a local version of Pulp and PureScript and configure snaplet-purescript to pick them up. Easy!

Simple yet powerful hook system

Run custom actions during the entire lifecycle of your snaplet.